The design, project, productive organization, the testing methods and the servicing of products and systems are completely entrusted to the ability of the company skilled engineers and technicians. 

The management of all the operating functions is organized according to a Quality System in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001 European Norm, for which the company has achieved the relevant certification from DNV-GL Business Assurance (Certificate N° CERT-02697-98-AQ-MIL-SINCERT).

All the equipment and products, which require the homologation by the Ministry of Public Transports, have achieved the relevant certification.

In compliance to European Norm the products obtained the CE mark and certifications complying with standards issued by SINAL acknowledged Bodies.

The company has also obtained the SOA Qualification Acknowledgement for executing public works from QLP SOA (Certificate N° 5036AL/30/00 dd 18/05/2015):

• Category OS9, class V up to € 5.165.000,00
• Category OS10, class III up to € 1.033.000,00
• Category OS19, class III-BIS up to € 1.500.000,00

and the conformity certificate with ISO 14000:2004 standard (Certificate N° 391840 dd 09/06/2015).


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